deb-install is a (big) shellskript, that works on top of the package management tools provided by the debian project.
The goal is to create one command that installs any package into your system, or provides information about any package, without the user having to know all the different tools there are.

Current version: 0.6.2 (released: 8.6.2005)

Known Bugs:
  • On some systems bash reports deb-install as culprit if one of its configuration files contains an invalid command. Other then a slightly misleading error message, this doesn't have bad consequences.

  • As this is still a beta version, it may break under some conditions. If it does, please file a bug report or send me a mail. (

    To Do for 1.0:
  • internationalization (using gettext)
  • adding more package types (eg. rpm source)
  • add power to the -c option, to detect/fix more problems
  • fix bugs (as soon as someone finds them)
  • more code cleanup
  • make sure the scripts works for stable and testing (I'm running unstable)
  • make sure the script works on other architectures (I'm using i386)

  • I'm very interested in feedback:
  • What features would you like to see included? (Keep in mind there are still the specialized tools, though)
  • Which programs install from source without manual intervention and which don't? Post it on DIWiki.
  • Bugreports

  • From people that have looked into the code:
  • Do you see a way to solve one of the tackled tasks easier (e.g. using a different command line tool), more thoroughly, or less prone to errors?

  • Ways to comment on the program:
  • by Email (
  • via bugtracking system
  • by posting in the project forums
  • by using DIWiki

  • Deb-install is maintained by Martin Gerdes.

    Take a look into the file manual.html (to find in /usr/doc/deb-install) to figure out how to use this program.